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"the home of cultural intelligence" 
With more than 30 years experience in the Collectible Pop Culture world we bring a reservoir of information to your fingertips - First and foremost we at Popculturizm will become a source guide for information pertaining to Underground Comix - Vintage Toys - Records and other Pop Modern art - So if you have any questions you'd like to have answered please email us.....
We have listed a number of items for sale - one of the reason we started this site was to offer items we cannot easily offer on eBay - such as hard to find with  explicit material and subject matter (in eBay's eye), We have also found that after 20 years of collecting we have many duplicates and triplicates of certain titles (in some cases 10+ copies) the prices we have applied are purely based upon our opinion and do not reflect a price guide, and are negotiable as well as we do considered trades for items we are currently looking for (want list soon to be posted) in any case we have found eBay a great source for selling and buying and hope that you will look at our items there as well.
we have been on eBay for years as theKingofCollecting
you can check us out here :


We accept paypal at redbanktoys@aol.com - If you are interested in any items please email us so we can hold them for you and we will email you an invoice via paypal.

How to Order - we currently do not have a stopping cart environment (going to put on in soon) But ordering is easy just email us the books or items you are interested in and we will send you an invoice via paypal with any discounts and shipping included, and we still accept - checks and money order the old fashion way too! mailed too:
phone - 732 784 0716 
we also accept paypal payment at - redbanktoys@aol.com

please not if any item is marked "SOLD" this means it is currently out of stock , email us and we will place you on the waiting list.
by appointment only

items as listed are all currently in stock - last update 4/25/2019