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UnderGround Comix Index
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Vintage Underground comix #1 - General Listing of older books - includes some harder to find first printings *(20)

Vintage Underground comix #2 - General listing of older books - including some Richard Corben books - Slow Death  "Binky Brown" - Fantagor as well as DiCaprio's Greaser 1 & 2 - *(28)

Vintage Underground comix #3 - General listing of older books - includes Captain Guts 1-2-3 by Larry Welz - Vaughn Bode's "Man" and others *(25)

Vintage Underground comix #4 - General listing of older and some more recent books - including "The Spirit" by Kitchen Sink and R.Crumb books from the 80's & 90's *(21)

Vintage Underground comix #5 - Vintage Comics with R.Crumb Art & covers *(12)

Vintage Underground comix #6 - General listing of older vintage books including "tales of the Leather nun"Comics -  *(26)

Vintage Underground comix #7 - Explicit Comix (banned for sale on eBay) like "Bizarre Sex" "Cherry Poptart" - "xxxenophile" and others *(15)

'Omaha the Cat Dancer"  #8 - "Omaha the Cat Dancer" another banned on eBay title - these are all Kitchen Sink printings (see page 1 for earlier printings) *(13)

Vintage Underground comix #9 - "Yellow Dog" Comics page *(9)

Vintage Underground comix #10 - "Skull" - "S.Clay Wilson" - "Vaughn Bode" and others(5)

Freak Brothers  - page 11 *(9)

ZAP UnderGround Comix -  *(12) page 12

Vintage UnderGround Science Fiction Comics #11 including Star reach titles and signed Issues of "mayhem" #'s 1 & 2                                   - page 13 (*12)

SuperHero - UnderGround comix -  cross over from the Underground genre to SuperHero - most notably  - some of Steve Ditko's books - Gilbert Shelton's "Wonder Warthog"- page 14

Death Rattle & Horror Comics

Vintage UnderGround Anthropomorphic Comics #12 - page 15 *(6)

Newly listed Underground Comix - more page of newly acquired items

The CoEvolution Quarterly      page 16 *(6)

The Evergreen Review - Classic Beat/Art magazine that evolved into a Hippie/Yippie Counter culture publication in the late 1960's - most issues listed are from that time period and all are in excellent condition. page17 (10)

Vintage Posters Page - exactly (more to be listed - updated 7/21)

Other Vintage Items - #13 - related Tour Programs - Books and records  - page 17 (14)


Monster items can be found on pages 18 thru 10 (some items are not for sale)
we have posted some of our own artwork page 21 (not for sale)

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as of last update *245+ individual comics  & things listed (last update 6.12.10 yeah!