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Original Artwork by HellBob!
ok so this is our original artwork - as a suffering artist I have to put it somewhere "all work no play makes Jack a dull boy" - I mean I could have spread some BS about the artist but that's just BS and this isn't for sale (what you mean you wanted to buy it?) and I need to put it somewhere - so for the time being it's here - I've kept it to 6 to 8 images and will change them regularly - average piece size is 9 x 12 - I use - recycled board on 80% of what I do.. most are pen - ink - mark mixed and there is no really reason behind the Bullets original called "Bullets for Peace" they continue to be produced on a daily basis .... thanks for looking imput is always appreciated (just remember i'm not the most balanced person in this world so be nice....)